Top 10 Blogs Every Old House Lover Should Check Out

    Living In An Older Home

    Feeling Of Living In An Older Home

    Indeed each and every individual has their taste when it comes to various commodities as well as items that they should have in their homes. The primary product under discussion right now is old houses. For some people, it is like a very great dream to own a remarkable vintage home. Hence, such people are in the right place when it comes to some of the top things they should consider. The article contains blogs that are in the capacity to fulfill your wildest dreams of having an old home.

    People who are fond of living in old houses are more different as compared to those who admire the traditional houses. Whenever a "normal" person sees an abandoned old house, a lover of old houses sees the extraordinary potential of such a house. Truly, such people are gifted. Such people know through many years of old architecture and trends that are no longer in use today. Unfortunately, in every local region, there is a mixture of both old houses and also new homes that are based on the latest as well as modern day designs. A great shame arises since the mix of these homes does not seem to blend in perfectly.

    You may be the type of individual who gets excited by the mention of details that are original; then it is definite that you are not alone. One of the common features among most older homes is that they have cooling rooms since they do not have an already installed central a/c. Others may also have portable AC systems to help you regulate the temperature in your home. The internet is a source for finding designs that were created in the past- all you are tasked with is looking in the right places. The following content is to depict some few blogs that talk about wealthy homeowners who have enjoyed their stay in vintage homes or are just interested in availing such opportunities of old houses to people with a dream of owning such.

    1. Retro Renovation

    Retro Renovation

    With preference to taste, mid-century design homes are available. A blog by Pam Kueber has proven to be addictive and has helped many old house lovers to get their hands on their dreams. She has been able to avail content even about her home that is of the old type. Furthermore, she has been to include a list of unusual and unique design resources. Also, she also included the wealth of "time capsule homes" (homes that have been unoccupied for an extended period). The blog is meant to inspire the real estate industry. Hence, we will now go down to another blog.

    2. Circa

    Circa Old House

    Briefly, it is good first to note that Circa is a magazine that avails information online. Fortunately, the blog has a lot of information about old homes, including a list that is always updated now and then of old houses that are up for sale by the state.

    3. Old House Dreams

    Old House Dreams

    Among the sites that deal with vintage homes, this is a site that always updates the list of old homes that are always up for sale. Furthermore, those living in the coast region have to be warned that they are paying too much when it comes to prices posted by real estates. A house can be bought for just $100,000 and below.

    4. House Love

    home love

    When it comes to real estate and precise locations ideal for you, this is the blog of choice. Such a blog that boasts of providing a lucky couple with an old house that was a once in a lifetime deal. The location of the house was in Baltimore in an area known as Brownstone. A fraternity previously owned the house. The couple became even more excited during the renovation process. Truly, the story of the couple is very touching.

    5. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

     Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

    If you are fond of being happy always, you need to take a look at the Victoria Elizabeth Barnes blog. She is obviously not the laughing matter. But you will find yourself laughing with her during the periods when you may experience tribulations and trials of issues such as overbidding (yet you find yourself losing) on various properties and also some moments that come about during the remodeling of an old house that is already decades old. Besides, her taste when it comes to old houses is exemplary, and the witty writing voice is also something to be admired.

    6. Vivacious Victorian

    vivacious victorian

    The Victorian homes blog is quite attractive as well as enticing. The photographs posted on the blog are mind capturing and are always up to detail The blog has so much to offer, and they also have a story to tell concerning a couple that is working hard to renovate their current home, and they have also restored many more homes.

    7. Old Town Home

    Old Town Home

    These are a blog owned by another couple that is always tasked with renovating as well as selling old homes. The name just suggests it all. The blog boasts of well-taken photos that contain precise details. Also, décor ideas are also included in the blog.

    8. Cabin Fervor

    Cabin Fervor

    Among the other blogs, this blog is an excellent blog that can sustain a good supply of the 19th-century homes. The blog arose from a neglected foreclosure. Photos that are posted on the blog are quite remarkable, and they provide full detail too.

    9. The Craftsman Bungalow

    Craftsman Bungalow

    The blog functions more like a magazine that operates online. The entries of the blog cover remarkable home restorations, all done with history being taken into consideration keenly. Hence, you will find yourself falling in love with the historical detail that puts in place.

    10. Housekaboodle


    Historic properties have now taken the place of celebrity homes concerning demand, value, and other factors. Living in a vintage home is unique since it's like going hand in hand with historical moments. So, if you are in pursuit of a photo that you can post on Pinterest boards, go no farther. The Housekaboodle is there for you.

    From the article, we have been able to discuss the top 10 blogs that deal with old homes. Each blog has something to offer. Client preferences may differ. But luckily, each blog has something different to offer. No matter how much your likes may change, the top 10 blogs are here to be of service to you. So, do not feel the urge to go farther.

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