7 Features Of The French Interior Designs

    French Interior Design1

    French Interior Design

    French just might be one word for style sophistication and elegance all simply put together. The French high sense of style is no unapparent fact, ranging from classy fashion attires to their sophisticatedly named Chow. Many have wondered, however, how the French style makes things look so fancy but in a seemingly effortless touch. It is like the French were sent to this world to grace it with their unique style and sophistication which many have found irresistible and have slowly fallen in love with.

    The French sense of style has swung its flair into the interior designs department, and just as someone would say if it has the word design in it then there has to be something French about it. Well, the French interior design has proven its dominance yet again in the line of interior designs. The French interior design has brought in a raw sense of sophistication and style partially through its fusion of modern interior design to glamor and tradition which also brings a sense of class and elegance to a room. The rising popularity of the Parisian chic in interior design is quite evident on movie sets and the internet these days.


    The French interior design may be a complex, and out of reach design for a regular Joe or so it may seem. The fancy chandeliers and flowing beige drapes might throw you off, making you think that your living could only look like that photo in an internet blog if you earn a six figure salary monthly. Well, what if that was not the case? What if you could transform that little space of yours into a fortress of elegance and style? Well, the good news is that with the French interior design you can, all you need is to take a keen interest in some dominant features in the French interior design style.

    Old Is Gold

    Old Is Gold

    The French interior design has a great appreciation for the old; they are viewed as artistic pieces which bring out a sense of character into the room. Take, instance, a revealing wall with crumbling plaster or an old coffee table with a faded surface; both these examples express a hint of character alongside some history which gives away the room as sophisticated. Then there is the antiques, structures that reincarnate their beauty through time giving them the essence of quality and style in a French designed room. The good thing about this aspect of French interior design is that you do not have to own an expensive antique piece to fit into your room’s décor, just get an old decorative on an auction site or a yard sale, and you are all set.

    Dull Is The New Bright

    Parisian chic room

    In a Parisian chic room, a more silent palette is adopted most of which entails well applied chalky white, pale mint or gray colors just to mention a few. The major purpose of this choice of color is to create a subdued and quite hue which will let the other art pieces such as a wall painting or a well-curved antique vase steal the moment to shine. It creates a background that projects the art.

    Eclectic Styles

    Eclectic Style

    The French interior design is well known for its culture of fusing different styles to create a burst of magnificent style. The styles most commonly fused are the vintage, modern and glamorous styles, whereby the vintage is the dominant style, and the two come in to complement it. The fusion is however not restricted to those three styles, but they happen to be the most common. This element of the French interior design creates a contradiction which is an intentional imperfection meant for sophistication.

    Art Fusion

    Art Fusion Design

    The interior design just like any other form of design is a visual affair, and the French interior design has applied to this the gift of visual art. A painting on the wall of a French interior design is one of the most salient features of this interior design. A show of elegance and class portrayed by a portrait painting or well curved antique stone portrait. It, however, does not have to be that fancy a simple painting of a flower inside a frame would do. The French interior design has incorporated the fusion of all these art structures into a room.

    Unique Furniture

    unique style

    The French interior design style is highly renowned for its unique furniture. By unique what is meant is the unconventional vintage structure of its chairs tables and beds which is needless to say artistic. One of the most prominent furniture structures that add uniqueness to the French interior designs is the armoire. The armoire is a French designed closet that has shelves and drawers, which astonishingly has quite the effect into transforming the interior design of a room into the French interior design.

    A Little Shine

    A Little Shine French Interior Design

    The French interior is not known to be flashy, but there is the glamor aspect which is brought into actualization by a little sparkle and a little shine. It is, therefore, impossible to miss a light touch of crystals most commonly of those hanging from a chandelier in the room or some gilded object within the vicinity of the room. The French design is not known for being showy, so it usually entails a hint of both gold and crystals, which is meant to take care of the glamor part entailed in the elegance of the style.

    Vintage Is The New Trend

    Vintage Interior Design

    From the flowing drapes to the antique decorations not to mention the appreciation of imperfections in architecture and aging furniture, it is quite clear that the French interior design embraces the vintage style a whole lot. There is also the quite palette thing that majorly highlights the vintage sense in a subdued background. Taking a peek at a room completely designed by the French interior design would be like taking a spectacle view of a medieval times room but in a stylish, sophisticated way.

    Conclusively the French interior design is as unique and as elegant as it looks but not inaccessible if you pay attention to the fine details that keep on recurring in a French interior designed room.

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