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    French Interior Design

    Introduction Of French Interior Designers

    Interior design is beginning to take up a worldview approach to sustaining the environment, and designers are thinking more carefully about how to reduce waste whereas creatively repurposing existing things. There is also an increasing and growing trend towards 3D images in interior designs whose possibilities are endless, especially due to the advancing technology. With every year that passes the models in the cities become more luxurious and sophisticated while in the countryside the shift is towards more comfort and casualness.

    French interior designs are amongst the best as well as most influential designs in the world. The models have shown an uncanny ability to conform to change in the dynamic interior designs world. French designs have a more layered, cultured and eclectic combination of design and architecture. There are a plethora of French interior designers of which we are going to consider the best.

    Joseph Dirand

    Joseph DirandJoseph Dirand is a son to Jacques Durand, one of the best interior photographers in his days. However, being his father’s son is not what makes him famous in the interior design industry. Joseph has built his career through incorporating a quintessentially French style into otherwise minimalist interiors. He has used minimalism as a canvas for a portrait of a few classical elements such as the gilded bronze door knob or parquet floor. He delivers French opulence accentuating the past and ultramodern within his country and beyond with great restraint. He is known to have an ability for new monochrome color pallets and clean-lined furniture. Some of his best designs are Balenciaga in Tokyo, Balmain in Paris, Pucci in Newyork and the Distrito Capital hotel in Mexico.

    Jacques Grange

    Jacques GrangeGrange is an undisputed top French interior designer whose expertise has been sought a dazzling roster of customers in his more than four decades of interior design. He is the go-to decorator for billionaires and fashion icons who seek a high-end interpretation of the bohemian style. He acquired some of his nonchalant taste in interior design from legendary French designer Henri Samuel. He rouses a Rococo mood in his works due to the use of decorative furniture bright colors and curved forms which dominate some of his best works. He has designed for Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, and Yves Saint Laurent just to name a few of his client. He remains one of the most sought-after interior designers in the world.

    Jean-Louis Deniot

    Jean Louis DeniotDeniot has long been one of the best interior designers in the world. He is recognized in the world for his eclectic emblematic interiors, playing within a multiplicity of repertoires without conforming to the purity of style. His designs feature visually arresting materials and textures tampered with subtle color palettes, impeccable lighting, and muted tones. His interiors portray serenity, elegance, and drama with a touch from designs from other periods. He merges the neoclassical and contemporary designs skillfully with exemplary quality delivering refinement and consummate luxury. He gets his inspiration from his worldwide travels.

    India Mahdavi

    India MahdaviMahdavi has a multi-cultural upbringing which is portrayed in the diversification in her interior designs. Her lifestyle is seen in the various designs she comes up with. Her work can be categorized as minimal yet playful with a combination of humor, sensuality, and elegance. Her interiors have an almost theatrical quality to them. She is imaginative, modern and adds a little bit of femininity in her interior designs. Some of her best works are the landscape series, MaisonThoumiex in Paris and On Rivington in New York.

    Alberto Pinto

    alberto pintoThough Alberto Pinto died, he left a polished protean legacy in French interior designs. His projects were often dynamic with overscale patterns, bold color schemes and often luxurious appointments that found taste among middle eastern royals. He had an eclecticism in his projects and an insatiable fervor for perfection and refinement which made him discover and nurture some of the world best artisans. He was especially gifted in creating seraglio-style settings with stained-glass light fixtures and carved plaster inspired by North African interiors of the old. His works cover private residences, office buildings, hotels and private jets. His sister Linda Pinto can give you their family touch in case you want some of his inspired interior designs despite his death.

    Jacques Garcia

    Jacques GarciaGarcia has made his life into a work of art with a penchant for bringing out an artistic soul in the places he touches. He has a special relationship with comfort and art of welcoming and hospitality. He mixes seventeenth and eighteenth century with modern references creating a timelessness in French interior designs. He has been an interior designer for the Sultan of Brunei, but his re-creation of an 18th-century tea house for Laduree on the Champs Elysees and his design for hotel costs are among his best works. He has designed many public and private spaces drawing from his private residences and his time in Paris as a young man.

    Pierre Yovanovitch

    Pierre YovanovitchHe is known for luxury with a touch of restrained purist sensitivity which makes him outstanding amongst French designers. His innovative lighting plays key roles in all his projects. He imagines illuminated curves, caisson skylights, and alabaster clouds among his interior designs. He reinterprets 20th-century designs and brings in standards of the modern world. He creates durable interiors that act as beautiful backdrops of his made to measure lighting fixtures and furniture. His works include Assemble Nationale in France and Patinoire Royale in Brussels among others.

    Chauhan Minassian

    Chauhan MinassianDue to his travels, his style is a merger between high-end French-style decoration, an eastern refinement, and American glamor. In his interior designs combines some of his own studio-designed and handmade line of furniture and lighting with furniture from the 1930s and 1960s.he selects everything and combines architectural volumes in scaling spaces he is commissioned to work on, with a curator’s touch. He has his gallery where clients can select unique pieces for themselves.


    French interior designers are widely recognized to be among the best in the world. There is an acute attention to detail which they give off while reflecting their clients deepest desires as well as passion. French interior design combines the old and the new while letting the unique pieces selected to complement each other rather than matching every piece.

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