Modern French Decorating Style

    Modern French Decorating Style

    Something is fascinating about French decor. While Scandinavian influence is presently very popular, French designing is nearby and on its way back. There's no avoiding the quiet confidence French decor has as they blend classic and modern styles with perfect simplicity. There is no antique stuffing; rather, a velvet, light colors, with charming quirky and bold bits, that look chic and artsy make their rooms pop.

    Pure White With Texture

    The trend of white interior style continues to make a large impact in French decor, regardless of what other colors are added to space. The French have buildings steeped with strong architectural features. Where once richly and ornately decorating, white paint enables motifs and textures to peek through.

    They do not fight them but tame them, utilizing simple white color palettes. These textured blank canvases allow modern and contemporary pieces to stand out; subtly and distinctively.

    Light walls help optimize any natural light while providing a backdrop for an eclectic mix of rustic, handmade antiques, fabrics, and artwork that the French adore. The easy color palette strengthens the brand new French decorating design to get an immediate sense of calm.

    Green And Blue

    Blue and green are back, in most colors and shades. Blue is everywhere, such as a striking blue velvet couch, with a metal frame and legs that are modern and easy to live with. Velvet with lace is also a huge trend; living together readily. The new velvet fabrics are 40% polyester, which will not crush and mark, making it practical in addition to lush. There's progress!

    Chalky, soft blues wed old with contemporary pieces. While French homes strive to be tasteful, they also need them to be practical and livable.

    Green is everywhere. From dark, somber Greens to each other color of Pantone's "greenery" color of this year. A velvet headboard and base are lavish and rich, a profound contrast to the soft blue and white walls. The result is a calming bedroom with a single bold feature, warm wood frame and flooring, and some glitter from the metallic side table. It's simple, elegant, and memorable.

    Green accents with gold and brass frames stand out against all white-painted chambers. Rooms do not seem bland or neutral; they seem glamorous and rich, tailored and elegant.

    Metallic Finishes In Contemporary Rooms

    Rich, luxurious brass touches using hardware and accessories are a simple way to enjoy the most recent French metallic trend. Gilded frames on paintings or mirrors are a traditional option, but other accessories such as light fittings and side tables are fresh and easy to add.

    French houses that can afford a lavish touch use dramatic silk curtains that puddle on the floor. If drapes or curtains are not your styles, use a bold oversized gilded mirror to the ceiling. Creating classically gilded or soft chalky looks is rather simple to duplicate.

    While walls are usually white and simple, furniture, paintings, and fabrics are chalky and subdued calming tones from pale mint, white, gray, sand, or linen. Interrupt with metallic finishes with brash, gold paint, or decorative accents.

    Contemporary Rooms


    Use Black Accents

    Do not underestimate the use of black trim. The French know how to use black. It defines structures and highlights warmer colors; it adds depth to stripes in lampshades or cushions against white backdrops without taking over or intruding.

    Use Antique Style Furniture

    Antiques are easily found throughout Europe, and utilizing them in this decorating trend is crucial. How many do you require? Probably none whatsoever, if you use something unique to give your space an element of intrigue, something curious. Whether it's furniture, an oversized ottoman, or a large framework, from shabby chic to chalk paint French, utilize subtle color palettes, paint, metallic, or other DIY strategies to transform them.

    Mixed Patterns And Texture

    Mixed patterns and feel are not far away and a fun way to add flair to your home. This French decorating trend utilizes pattern on pattern with smaller pieces or accessories. Take this into the dining area using handmade artistic rustic serving dishes along with your dinner set and blend with elegant crystal glassware. It is about simple contrasts for optimum effect.

    Fun Bold Art, Curiosities, And Objects

    A few well-chosen items can make a fun, lively contrast in sleek, elegant settings, moving your eyes from one unique feature to another.

    French decorating styles are using artwork for a sense of playfulness. Interesting hand-drawn animations or big lighting bits provided that they originally inject your private taste. Clashes are inevitable, but they also provide your room depth and attention.

    French Decorating Trends

    French Decorating Trends -- Rough, Refined, Modern, And Vintage

    Light-colored timbers with rich grains are not a new trend but will be viewed more and more. French decorating styles are utilizing raw timbers for centuries. Today, they're easy to replicate using faux or composite beams or laminate floors in French oak or birch pieces with the same beautiful patina while still superbly solid.

    Blend The Trend

    French decorating styles blend modern and vintage styles. It is a curious balance between smooth and rough. Contemporary design styles have more specialized finesse and utilize more synthetic materials. Vintage design styles utilize wooden bits and secondhand items from markets. Another major trend is the chandelier because your light fitting. A crystal chandelier in the bedroom provides a luxurious feel; install with a dimmer switch to alter the mood.

    French Decorating Trends

    10 Best French Bistro Chairs

    If you can't design your entire house utilizing the French styles, perhaps just starting with classic bistro chairs is a fun and useful alternative. French bistro chairs are increasing in popularity, and it's easy to see why! These comfy and stylish lightweight chairs make perfect dining seats, and with Summer on the way that they can easily be moved out once you want dinner and drinks in the garden.

    We have been working hard behind the scenes to obtain the best French bistro chairs so you can bring a sense of Parisian chic to your home.  Here are our ten favorites!

    Arthur French Bistro Chairs

    These gorgeous, French-inspired Bistro chairs are built with bamboo-finished aluminum frames, with magnificent natural wicker on the seat and backrest for an understated chic appearance.

    The subtle natural colors will seem as good inside as they do outside and will work with several decor styles, and thus if you're searching for French bistro chairs to go within your kitchen or dining area, these are a terrific choice!

    Belmar Striped Bistro Chair

    For a contemporary take on the classic French bistro chair, have a look at this Belmar striped bistro chair. This fashionable chair was crafted with a long-lasting rattan frame and sealed with transparent lacquer for protection, making it good for indoor and outdoor use.

    Lemon yellow, pale blue, and horizontal white stripes give this traditional chair a modern twist. This gorgeous, bright French bistro chair is guaranteed to bring a bit of sunshine to anyone's day!

    Blue and White Bistro Chairs

    These blue and white bistro chairs are fantastic for adding a splash of color and a bit of charm to your patio. Blue and white wicker on bamboo finished aluminum flames guarantee that these seats aren't just stylish but comfy too.

    Wicker is popular for being breathable, So these chairs are great for hot summer days, ensuring you remain comfortable and cool as you dine outside.

    Gauthier Bistro Chairs

    If you're looking for the ideal white bistro chair, you may have found it! The Gauthier bistro chairs will add a feel of French country charm to your residence. This chair is built with a solid aluminum frame with a high, supportive backrest for the best comfort.

    These French bistro dining chairs are adorable, making them the perfect choice for outdoor areas such as balconies, patios, and decks, but they may be used indoors, too, in case you wish to add some French style to your kitchen!

    Bistro Chair

    Lea Bistro Chair

    The Lea bistro chair is designed for indoor and outdoor use and features a woven dotted design in blue and white for a traditional look. Striped trip in the wrapped joints adds a modern touch to these classic French seats.

    These French woven bistro seats are durable and powerful. They have been crafted from a Swiss-made artificial fiber that offers optimum comfort and preserves its appearance and structure for many years to come.

    Rahul Stacking Patio Dining Armchairs

    This chic black and white crochet Bistro chair are ideal for adding some Parisian style to your outdoor area. With a chair woven out of PE wicker and a faux wood frame, this chair is waterproof, durable, and perfect for outdoor use.

    The white and black wicker is woven in a way that produces a checked look on the chair and the back of the seat. Black and white striped wicker are detailing wraps the joints making a striking look with this traditional seat.

    White and Red Wicker Bistro Chairs

    These enchanting white and red bistro-style chairs are excellent for both indoor and outdoor dining. The chairs feature a wicker design which provides a checkered look.

    The wicker has been shaped on a powder-coated aluminum frame with a PE wicker that's 100% water-resistant so that the chairs may be used out all year round. These seats are a must-have if you are trying to bring a bit of French chic for your home or garden!

    Remi Outdoor French Bistro Chairs

    These blue and white bistro chairs are fantastic for alfresco dining. Constructed on bamboo-finished aluminum frames, these seats are strong and durable, and stylish. The seat and backrest are completed in wicker, providing the appearance of classic French café bistro chairs.

    These seats come as a set of four and are fantastic for bringing some sophisticated French style to your outdoor area.

    Riviera Bar & Counter Stools

    If you want to add a bit of Parisian chic to your kitchen, then try adding some of these riviera stools to your kitchen counter or bar. This will create a gorgeous breakfast area where you can chill and eat croissants as you read the newspapers in the morning!

    The chairs are woven from lightweight rattan and plastic, which makes them exceptionally comfortable and family-friendly. They can be used both indoors and outdoors but must be kept in a dry area when not in use.

    Sunwashed Riviera Dining Chair

    The Sunwashed Riviera chair is the fantastic French bistro chair. Fantastic for adding a little Parisian Summer to your dwelling! It's been lovingly handcrafted using traditional French methods, with a distinctive finish highlighting the gorgeous organic variations from the rattan.

    It is an iconic shape, and rustic rattan color will invoke happy memories of sitting in the sunlight in France drinking rosé wine with lunch!


    Closing Thoughts

    French bistro chairs are the ideal stylish dining chair for decks, patios, and balconies, bringing a little French chic to your outside area. Whether you're experiencing a three 3-course meal or a gin and tonic, you can be sure you'll be cool and comfy sitting on those breathable rattan and wicker chairs.

    However, these chairs are traditionally intended to be used outward on the cobbled roads of France, and they seem just as at home in a contemporary farmhouse kitchen or dining area.

    These enchanting chairs are strong and lightweight, so if you decide to use them within your house, they can easily be carried outside for alfresco dining in the summers!

    Enjoy these French decorating styles!

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