Modern French Decorating Style

    Something is fascinating about French decor. While Scandinavian influence is presently very popular, French designing is nearby and on its way back. There's no avoiding the quiet confidence French decor has as they blend classic and modern styles with perfect simplicity. There is no antique stuffing; rather, a velvet, light colors, with charming quirky and bold bits, that look chic and artsy make their rooms pop.

    Pure White With Texture

    The trend of white interior style continues to make a large impact in French decor, regardless of what other colors are added to space. The French have buildings steeped with strong architectural features. Where once richly and ornately decorating, white paint enables motifs and textures to peek through.

     Art Deco


    Know-How It All Began...

    It began in Paris in the 1920s.

    Some of the most collection of furniture today was crafted by the first Art Deco interior designers, who were inspired by the 18th and 19th-century cabinet makers of Paris.

    These elegant items of fine craftsmanship were first noticed at the 1925 Paris "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes" by which Art Deco got its name.

    These makers included popular names as Paul Follot, Jacques Emile Ruhlmann, and the Sue et Mare partnership.

    French Style Orange

    10 Best Features Of French Style Furniture

    The French style has been vastly glorified for its fusion of vintage, classic and contemporary styles in interior décor. Its style which is significantly known for its elegance and portrayed by luxury has become the new décor style that most interior designers go for to create that sense of a remarkable interior decorating style. You might have seen these designs on a movie scene and probably had no idea that it was a French interior style.

    One thing that you most certainly would be certain of would be the urge to have your very own living room made in that design with those decorating styles. Well it might seem complicated a design to apply, but what if it was not? There are things the French do to make their decorating styles as unique and as stylish as they are, the following are ten of such which you can apply to make your living room or whichever place a site of elegance and style saw in a movie scene.

    Do you believe that you can buy expensive furniture made from apple leather? Yes, you get it right, specific components of the historic apple fruit can make excellent upholstery for home furniture. It is unbelievable that some beautiful products that we see in different places come from recycled material.

    For example, the innovative furniture brands by two different French designers are inspirational. They show that waste material from apples can be useful and an eco-friendly alternative. It is possible to create value from unwanted material through the art of creativity. The new furniture brands by these designers are unique and have premium prices compared to other conventional types of furniture. 

    France paris

    It is most popular in 17th centuary

    Best French Furniture 

    French furniture styles are made up of the most sophisticated pieces that were primarily made for aristocrats, kings as well as the upper bourgeoisie. On the other side, there was the French provisional furniture which is made in provincial cities and towns. This furniture comes in a broad range of sizes and styles.

     The variations in these styles often arise as a result of the periods in which they were made as well as the individual designers. French furniture styles can then be categorized according to when they were made as there is a tendency that the characteristics of furniture from a particular period are similar.

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